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Past Job Performance

H & H Electric, LLC
2014 – 2017
H&H Electric job work

Genesis Oil Stations including: Pronghorn Station, Douglas Booster Station, Campbell Station, Guernsey Station, Pony Express, Platte Station, and Coteau Station in Louisiana.


Excavated ditches for electrical and communication cable and main power supply. Backfilled the ditches and compacted the dirt. Built and rocked roads, added culverts and additional approaches at some locations.


Twin Eagle, Oil Company, Facilities including: Twin Eagle 59 Facility, Twin Eagle Rail Facility, and Twin Eagle Sump Transfer Facility.


Excavated ditches for electrical and communication cable and main power supply. Backfilled the ditches and compacted the dirt. Excavation to set main power vaults.

Reference: Curtis Maxwell (307) 351-3414
Chris Hill
Chris Hill Mountain Property

Mountain Property

Chris Hill Personal Residence

Personal Property

Site clearing including trees, brush and large rocks for pre-built cabins, customized fire pit with large rocks for a wind break all set in the side of a mountain. We rebuilt the main access road in places and spread topsoil on all of the cuts and fills. Culverts were installed in areas of the road that required them with rocks at the ends of the culverts for erosion control.

Reference: Chris Hill (307) 351-2126
Seventh Day Adventist Church, School & Day Care
Church at start of project
Church entry sub grade compaction

Church at start of project

Church entry sub grade compaction

Detention Pond

Detention Pond

Church at end of project

This project was located on 10 acres in Grand Junction, CO.  We did all of the dirt work associated with the entire project which lasted about 9 months.  The project consisted of:  striping top soil; removal of tree stumps; building foundation pads for 2 buildings; digging the main electric & gas line ditches; digging water lines & installing pipe; digging sewer lines & installing pipe, tapping into an existing man hole & the installation of a new sewer man hole; digging storm water lines & installing pipe, tapping into an existing storm water man hole; digging the storm water detention pond; grading for roads & parking lot; grading & prep for sidewalks; and spreading the top soil for final grade. 


We worked closely with the soils engineer & compaction company doing multiple compaction tests as needed.  We were able to figure out the materials to get the compaction needed so that we passed our compaction tests every time, the first time on the foundations, roads & sidewalks.  We also helped in the design of the storm water plan to handle the rain water runoff from both of the buildings down spouts into the storm water system.

Rim View Construction LLC
(970) 778-2338

Church at end of project

USDA Forest Service
Big Horn National Forest Road Maintenance – Contract #1267T018C0003
Bighorn National Forest Before Photo


Bighorn National Forest After Photo


Surface blading of native & aggregate forest service roads for a total of 73.6 miles in the Big Horn National Forest in and around Burgess Junction, WY.  Road maintenance work included: maintaining of crown, in slope and out of slope of the traveled way, shoulders, drainage dips, berms, turnouts and approach road intersections.

Camp Bob Marshall Lagoon Reconstruction - Contract #1237T018R0005

Lagoon - Beginning of project

Lagoon - Beginning of project

1 of 2 breaches in Lagoon

1 of 2 breaches in Lagoon

Grading, shaping, and compacting earthwork for the lagoon reconstruction at Camp Bob Marshall in Custer, SD.  Including the reconstruction of 2 breached berms.  Installation of new lagoon liner.  Installation of pumps & solar panel for new installation of soil treatment area (septic drain field).  Demo old septic tank & manhole.

Filling in breach 1 and installation

Filling in breach 1 and installation

Lagoon after liner installation

Lagoon after liner installation

Bureau of Reclamation
Repair of Boysen Dam Road  – Contract #140R6018C0020
Skidsteer Moving Rock
Grader on road
Bridge after paving
Road after paving

Rotomill asphalt and subgrade.  Recondition rotomilled material and compaction.  Install new asphalt for approximately 2 miles of roadway for power plant access road.  Rock approaches to new road & clean up shoulders of roadway.

National Park Services - Northern Rockies
Old Faithful Housing Site Improvement – Contract #140P1420C0016
Old Faithful job 1
Old Faithful job 2
Old Faithful job 3
Old Faithful job 4

Our project consisted of installing main 8” water line to 10 new houses with 1” taps going to the houses. Included in the contract was main sewer line with service lines to the 10 houses. Along with sidewalks, paving parking spaces, striping, clearing, brush removal, and grading around houses was part of the scope of work. As of 2021 we are still working on the project due to the short working season in Yellowstone Park.

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