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About Us

Jeremy and Tyler, owners of JTR Excavation LLC

History of JTR Excavation

JTR Excavation LLC was started by a husband & wife.  The business is continually growing.  Jeremy’s background is in excavation/construction for the last 20+ years.  Tyler’s in accounting for the last 20+ years. Construction projects have ranged from pouring foundations of houses to framing the walls, sheeting the roof and walls to roofing and interior trim work. 

JTR Excavation LLC

Excellence and Professionalism

In addition to also building subdivisions including sewer, water, underground power, gas, and grading for driving and parking areas.  They also have experience in working on logging, clearing projects and road building.  JTR Excavation LLC is a socially and economically disadvantaged owned business which is consisting of Native American (51 percent) and woman (49 percent) owned.

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